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20% More Homes For Sale Than Last Year

As we head into the summer months, the property market is continuing to bolster as an increase in market activity continues to benefit home movers. Let’s take a look at recent property market data and how the current market conditions benefit sellers and buyers alike.

Recent market data

According to Zoopla’s house price index, there were 20% more properties for sale in March 2024 than the previous year.* There was also a 9% rise in sales agreed during this time period.*

This rise in market activity is partly due to an increase in the average working wage and an overall robust job market, both of which boost consumer confidence. In fact, confidence in personal finances has reached the highest level in more than two years, according to GFK’s Consumer Confidence Barometer.** This made homeowners considerably more interested in buying a new home, therefore increasing market activity.

Benefits for buyers

More choice

An increase in market activity leads to a wider range of choices available for buyers to consider. This improved choice empowers buyers to explore various properties, compare features and prices, and ultimately make more informed decisions that align with their preferences and needs.

Price stability

The market remains well balanced as the demand for properties and the supply of homes for sale have equally increased. Because of this, prices are less likely to fluctuate, potentially making for a more stable investment. Increased market activity also helps to create a clearer picture of the true value of properties, further contributing to stable pricing.

More negotiating power

Due to increased confidence, buyers have the opportunity to be more assertive when negotiating a price for a property. Since the supply of properties is so high, buyers are less desperate to secure a particular property and can carefully consider their options.

More opportunity for investment

For those looking to invest in property, the increased supply increases their options massively. In a busy market, investors can buy a property, make renovations, and sell for a profit in a shorter timeframe.

Benefits for sellers

Increased demand

With more people in the market for a new home, sellers can command higher sale prices for their properties as buyers engage in bidding wars. By achieving a higher sale price, sellers can then look for a higher-value property than they previously considered possible.

Faster sales

The increased level of demand makes it easier for sellers to find potential buyers, which can lead to faster sales and less problematic property chains. Additionally, if a buyer is particularly interested in a property, they may be willing to pay a slightly higher price to secure a quick sale.

Flexible terms

Strong demand can give sellers the upper hand in negotiating certain terms. For example, if the seller needs to close the sale quickly, they can choose the buyer who is in the best position to complete the transaction as soon as possible.

Less pressure

In a balanced and active market, sellers may experience less pressure to accept lower offers or make compromises that they’re uncomfortable with. They can feel confident that a more suitable buyer will soon show interest and make a better offer.

How an estate agent can help

Estate agents use their in-depth knowledge of the property market to assist buyers and sellers alike in taking advantage of summer 2024’s active market. They have access to a wide range of property listings and can help movers identify suitable properties that match their needs and preferences. They are also skilled negotiators who can secure favourable terms and prices while guiding movers through every step of the process.

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Published On: 5 July 2024

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