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Home staging tips for the autumn

A thorough decluttering usually precedes home staging since it gives the house a more welcoming appearance and greatly facilitates the moving process. You could also choose to renovate if necessary.

Additionally, depersonalising your property and repainting it in a neutral colour scheme will help potential buyers see themselves living there.

Here are our top suggestions for staging your house in the autumn, since there are many seasonal aspects that will also influence how you present your property.

Clear the entrance way

The porch or hallway should get the same care you gave the front of your house. These areas are frequently cluttered with muddy boots, raincoats, and crimson leaves.

Carefully sprinkling autumnal decor

When setting your house in the fall, it might be simple to go overboard. Instead, of designing a space around the season, each area should make a tribute to it. Consider placing a single item of art, flower arrangement, or pumpkin display in each area to prevent the season from taking over your house.

Incorporate autumnal scents

Use reed diffusers and candles to spread delicate smells around the house. Seasonal colours like burnt orange and pumpkin go well together, but you should be cautious not to combine too many opposing aromas since they frequently work against one another.

Accentuate the fireplaces

As mentioned, viewers want to see a house they can imagine spending the winters tucked up inside, and a fireplace is the epitome of cosy nights.
Any purchaser will be won over by an original fireplace’s cosy flames and delicate light.

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Published On: 21 November 2022

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