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Reduce your energy bills with these money-saving tips

The cost of living crisis has strained the budgets of most UK households, largely due to an alarming increase in energy prices. If your home isn’t energy efficient, it’s likely your bills have given you cause for concern in the past months.

Autumn and winter are fast approaching. So, whether you intend to stay put or move soon, the cost-cutting solutions below could be worth their weight in gold.

Knowledge is power

Energy bills can be confusing, so it’s worth ringing your provider to discuss anything unexpected, check the tariff you’re on, and go through your payment options. You may also be able to set up email reminders to prompt you to submit regular meter readings to avoid being charged for what you haven’t used.

Check your entitlement to financial help

The Warm Home Discount Scheme and Winter Fuel Payment can help pensioners and those on a low income pay their fuel bills. You can also claim tax relief if your job requires you to work from home, because you live far away from your office, or your employer doesn’t have one.

You also qualify for a 25% council tax discount if you’re the only adult living in your home. As well as this, certain households can apply for insulation, and heat pump grants, or funding for improvements under the Energy Company Obligation scheme.

Prevent heat leakages

An easy way to save money is by sealing any draughty spots around windows and doors. Think about installing double glazing and blocking up unused chimneys and vents. Increasing the insulation in the walls and loft will prevent heat from escaping too.

Avoid energy vampires

According to British Gas, leaving your devices plugged in unnecessarily and forgetting to switch off sockets when not in use can cost almost £150 a year. Consider installing heating controls and smart plugs to help you manage your usage at the touch of a button. Inefficient bulbs can also burn through your budget – so choose low-energy LEDs.

Check your boiler and radiators

Bleeding your radiators and installing thermostatic valves can prevent cold spots and air pockets, increasing the efficiency of your heating system. Likewise, if your boiler is running at too high a temperature or the pressure is off, you could be losing money. If in doubt, invite an expert to check your boiler’s settings and keep it regularly serviced.

If you’d like to know how improving your home’s energy efficiency could increase its value, contact us today.

Published On: 21 November 2022

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