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Selling during the back to school season

Selling during the back to school season


One-third of homeowners choose to buy or sell in early autumn, making now the best time to put your house on the market.

With children returning to school, could a move be on the cards for you?


If you are selling this September, here are some of our top tips…


1) Have a clear-out

The back to school season can be a busy time, with one in four also choosing to switch jobs and careers during this month compared to the rest of the year.*

So, having a simple declutter of your belongings and items can create a blank slate for people coming to view your home.


2) Maximise your storage

Maximising your storage space is an easy way to keep your home tidy at a low cost, which may then mean you’re required to do less work in between any viewings that take place.


3) Plan for viewings

Don’t let viewings catch you off guard! Have a checklist of everything you need to do before a potential buyer comes to view your home.

Having a set plan of action will help you keep a clear head and get things done amid the back-to-school chaos.


4) Improve your home’s kerb appeal

Two-thirds of buyers stated that kerb appeal was a significant influencer in their property purchase.**

Some top tips for improving your home’s aesthetics are hiding bins, cleaning your windows and decorating your front door.


Are you ready to move this September?

Contact our property professionals today for helpful advice and guidance.



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**Homeowners Alliance

Published On: 15 September 2021

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