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More landlords are needed to help tenants find homes

You may have heard how well the sales market has performed over the past couple of years, pushing prices up 12.4% nationally*. The rental market has followed hot on the heels of this trend, with around three tenants currently vying for each property.**

Compared to the previous year, the number of available rental homes has dropped by 9%, which has nudged up the average price by £150 per calendar month.*** This means tenants now pay around £1,088 outside of London or £2,193 PCM in the capital.

But what’s driving this steep increase in demand? There are several factors involved. Rising house prices may force tenants to rent for longer than planned, meaning fewer homes are circulating on the market. Almost a fifth of landlords report tenants are staying put for longer than in previous years.****

In addition, concern over upcoming rental reforms has prompted some landlords to take their properties off the market. Dwindling stock further encourages tenants to remain in their current rental while they search for somewhere else to live.

The fallout from the pandemic has also muddied the waters, with many people choosing to move back to urban centres or escape to the country to work remotely. The latter is partly responsible for the intense pressures faced by tenants in popular rural hotspots.

Without more landlords joining the market to ease supply, many people may be forced to stay in unsuitable accommodation, leave their local areas, or even risk homelessness.

The good news is that if you have a property to spare, now is a great time to get involved and reap the long-term rewards a solid rental income can provide. This is especially true if you’re letting in areas recently boosted by the Elizabeth Line or where supply is strained.

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*UK House Price Index (ONS: April 2022).

**According to a recent report by Property Reporter

**Data from TwentyCI and Rightmove (early 2021 to early 2022).

****Property Reporter (June 2022).

Published On: 9 August 2022

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