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New ‘Right to Rent’ legislation you need to know about

Last month, changes were made to how some aspects of Right to Rent checks are completed in England.

Since 2014, anyone letting a property in the UK has been obliged to complete a Right to Rent check every time they take on a new tenant. As part of the changes to Right to Rent checks, landlords in England are no longer allowed to accept physical biometric residence cards and permits, nor Frontier Worker permits. All holders of these cards and permits in England will have to verify their identity using an online service operated by the Home Office.

There are legal implications for anyone who does not follow the new laws. It is illegal for landlords to only check people that they think are not British citizens; the government states that potential tenants should not be discriminated against based on speculation about where they are from.

For now, this change is limited to tenancies in England. For the rest of the UK and Northern Ireland, the Home Office will require tenants to register with a certified identity service provider (IDSP), which will use identity document validation technology (IDVT) to share checks with agents and landlords.

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Published On: 24 May 2022

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