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The Advantages Of Getting ‘Move-Ready’ During The Summer

With the spring market seeing an 18%* increase in mortgage approvals, as home buyers got busy moving, you can’t be blamed for being tempted to move. Getting ready to move, or ‘move-ready’ to coin a phrase, during the summer months will stand you in good stead for the cooler months on the horizon. This could make your move easier when you decide the time is right. So, with that in mind, here are a few things you can do.

Don’t mistake ‘move-in ready’ for ‘move-ready’  

‘Move-in ready’ means a home is ready for immediate occupancy and involves a significant level of legal work, which may help to speed up a sale. Whereas being ‘move-ready’, in this context, is simply doing what you can, so that you and your home are more prepared for moving, even if you are not planning on moving right now.

Sort your home’s outdoor areas out  

There are a lot of advantages to moving in the summer with good weather, longer days, and the possible help of your children while they are off school. But if moving in the summer is not on the cards, taking advantage of the good weather, to make your garden and home’s kerb appeal more beautiful, will make your home more appealing to buyers. Having a sort out of the shed and a trip to the tip will de-clutter it, saving you a job in later months, when it’s time to move.

Odd jobs inside the house

Summer is a good time to dedicate a few days to addressing any issues around the house that need your attention. From painting and decorating to simple mends. From emptying your attic space, to clearing out your closets. Whether you add a few days to your holidays or have a bank holiday DIY weekend or afternoon, doing it during the summer months will require so much less effort than it would during the colder months. Then, when the season of change sets in, you can change homes with relative ease.

Check your paperwork 

Whether you are thinking of moving now or in the future, it’s always better to have your paperwork in good order. Perhaps you check your credit rating regularly and have all your important paperwork stored safely. But, if there is something missing, it could delay your sale significantly when it’s time to move. Things such as gas certificates, an updated EPC rating, or certificates for any structural modifications that have been carried out, show that the work is compliant with building regulations.

Watch the property market closely

Apart from making life easier, you can take advantage of the market more easily if you are ready to move. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the property market. Perhaps you like exploring homes for sale online and are well-versed in tracking the progress of a home’s sale. Talking to your local agent will also give you extra insights into the markets and areas you are most interested in. The contemporary UK property market is made up of layers of localised markets, from street to street and from region to region, that can differ and are almost as unique as the various homes that reside within them. So, if you are prepared, you may be rewarded by finding your perfect property.


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Published On: 8 July 2024

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